The Nordic Model Crashes

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For all the praise of the Nordic model and their accommodation of women, low birthrates are threatening their welfare models:

In Norway, Finland and Iceland, birth rates dropped to historic lows in 2017, with 1.49 to 1.71 children born per woman. Just a few years earlier, their birth rates hovered close to the 2.1 level required for their populations to remain stable…From Copenhagen to the North Cape, from Helsinki to Reykjavik, demographics across the Nordics reveal two things: there are fewer large families, and women are waiting longer before having their first child. There’s no single explanation, but financial uncertainty and a sharp rise in housing costs are seen as likely factors…The Nordic region already boasts a wealth of family-friendly initiatives, such as flexible working hours, a vast network of affordable daycares and generous parental leave systems.

That’s why there is such a clamoring for immigration from global elites. There is nothing quite like clinging to failed ideas.



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