A Physicist Defends Slavery

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The crackpot string theorist Lubos Motl is now defending slavery: “…The Colosseum was built within a decade but up to 100 thousand slaves had to work on it! We just wouldn’t have The Colosseum and many similar gems without slavery. Everyone who claims that slavery shouldn’t have ever existed is the same kind of a savage as the ISIS savages who were demolishing the structures in the Middle East.” Apparently, this idiot didn’t stop to think about why innovation has slowed in the present world, where there are huge gluts of third-world labor reducing the incentive to automate. The lead explanation for the rise of the Industrial Revolution in England was abnormally high wages. Around 90% of all scientists to ever live are alive today. Why haven’t they been able to automate building a burger? Kind of embarrassing. Furthermore, it’s a myth that science was behind most inventions. Most inventors knew little science and discovered things by accident. It’s the self-promoting narcissism of scientists that ignores the fact that wages didn’t even start rising substantially until the late 19th century. The Renaissance, Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution didn’t budge the standard of living. The cause was not science.



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