Cosmo Cramer Is at It Again

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Janet Yellen had to walk back suggestions that rates might have to rise to control inflation. There is persistent inflation across our economy and especially in housing and stocks. Almost a fifth of the economy is zombies and a tsunami of worthless SPACs have been going public. We also have GameStop and Bitcoin bubbles, where government stimulus has gotten retail investors into outright gambling. In the meantime, morons like Jim Cramer are criticizing Yellen for being too hawkish. Imagine that! His fellow bubble-blind butt buddy, Jerome Powell, apparently can’t understand why he is seeing so many homeless people on the street. “For Yellen, I think it’s reminiscent of her worst call at the Fed, when she decided to tighten in December 2015 after years of low rates,” Cramer declared. So the economy couldn’t withstand higher rates almost a decade after a recession? These clowns are why we have such spectacular bubbles and low trend growth. They are like drug addicts pumping up wasteful government and profitless companies. Cramer is a cheerleader for the stock market and not a serious investor. He doesn’t beat the market for a good reason. His show is basically him just praising all his CEO buddies. It’s nothing but incestuous sycophancy and obsequious flattery.



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