6G Is the Latest Round of Bullshit

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5G is already a scam but before they get it deployed, they’re already pushing 6G:

The challenges of THz communications lie in the wireless propagation characteristics of the THz spectrum. (1) Severe path loss even for free-space propagation, e.g., ~100 dB at 300 GHz at a distance of 10 m. (2) Excessive attenuation due to resonance of molecules in the air [22]. Note that there are several atmospheric windows, e.g., 140, 220, and 340 GHz [23]24, where the attenuation due to molecule resonance is relatively benign, e.g., only ~2 dB/km, negligible compared to the free-space attenuation. In addition, when the frequency exceeds 1 THz, the radio wave undergoes a significant absorption by water vapor and oxygen molecules in the atmosphere and can be attenuated ten times at 1- m propagation distance [25]. (3) Sensitivity to shadows and blocking due to the weak diffraction effect at such short wavelength. For example, the signal attenuation of a brick can be as high as 40–80 dB, and the human body can cause 20–35 dB signal attenuation. (4) Less sensitivity to humidity/rainfall, e.g., attenuation becomes relatively flat above 100 GHz. 5) Superfast channel fluctuation and intermittent connection, e.g., the coherence time of the terahertz band is very short, and the Doppler frequency is very high. Besides the inherent characteristics of the THz spectrum mentioned above, other challenges in engineering implementation need to be considered. For example, ultra-high processing power may be needed to handle the extremely wide bandwidth and very large-scale antenna. Consequently, it is necessary to design a superfast-speed broadband processing chip, which leads to extremely high power consumption. This is because power consumption is generally proportional to the sampling rate and the broadband terahertz system (A/D) conversion. The THz power amplifiers (PAs) are another significant obstacle, as the state-of-the-art PA efficiency is still quite low at such high frequency, making it harder to fit the PAs into practical base stations and user equipment (UE).

It’s funny hearing investment people pump things they don’t understand. Momos…



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